The difference between BIP (BIM Implementation Plan) and BEP (BIM Execution Plan) — By: Francesco Di’Giglio

The difference between BIP (BIM Implementation Plan) and BEP (BIM Execution Plan) — By: Francesco Di’Giglio

What is the difference between a BIM Implementation Plan (BIP) and a BIM Execution Plan (BEM)?

Purpose of a BIM Management Plan
By: Francesco Di Gigilio


What is the BIP?

The BIP outlines the policies, procedures, objectives, strategies, and actions that the Project BIM Manager will implement to ensure BIM workflows are successfully managed in accordance with the client requirements.

The BIP takes care of documenting strategies and methods that will ensure all BIM related client and bid/project team requirements have been allocated to the BIM team or its appointed designers. This guarantees that each party is clearly defined in accordance to contractual requirements, project objectives and deliverables.

The BIP also describes how the BIM team will develop, monitor, and control information and models throughout the delivery phase of the projects. It is therefore important that the BIP is completed in agreement with the modelling collaboration team to ensure that all team members understand how the BIM services are defined prior to commencing BIM activities.

The BIP is relevant for both the Planning and Delivery Phase of the project: therefore, it is to be reviewed and updated at the relevant stages –  planning, design, construction, and commissioning as activities become more defined.

What is the BIP useful for?

The BIP unites all authoring disciplines on the project, so that the information produced by each part can be shared to form a Federated BIM Model. All disciplines that author any information within a 2D or a 3D environment, are required to read, understand, and agree to the BIP. Additionally, all of them should provide a BIM Execution Plan (BEP), which will include but not be limited to –  design consultants, fabricators, and subcontractors.

Then, what is the BEP?

The BEP provided by each design discipline details “how” they will produce their work to align with the expectation set within the BIP and will be specific to the software used.

See below a comparison of BEP vs. BIP.

BIM Execution Plan (BEP)

BIM Implementation Plan (BIP)



Individual Company Level Project Level
Written by Discipline BIM Manager Written by the Project BIM Manager
Many BEP’s pertaining to one BIP There is exclusively one BIP
These are company INTERNAL documents describing the execution of the external, main BIP This document describes the autonomous management and delivery of the BIM objectives


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