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About FDG Group

Certainty. Professionalism. Integrity

FDG Group is a boutique BIM consultancy based in Western Australia. Experts in BIM services and digital drafting with knowledge and expertise acquired in the building industry in Australia and internationally over the past 20 years.


FDG provides Revit modelling, CAD drafting for building services and BIM management for all types of buildings.


Experienced in health care facilities, residential, single dwelling to high risers, commercial building, infrastructure projects including rails and tunnels. You can expect professional consultations to understand what you need to do in order  to achieve your goals.


We will have a frank discussion, BIM can be a very onerous and costly endeavour if is not properly manage and implemented. We will make sure you know and understand what is necessary to succeed, upfront. No one likes unexpected rising costs and we will make sure your interests and budget are kept safe.


Custom made solution, we will offer you the best option to suit your BIM or CAD needs. Every client is different and we make sure we find the best solution that suit you.


The majority of our work is from repeat clients who trust us. We have been successful when our clients succeed. Our success is measured by whether you would recommend us.


We will not jeopardise your business or ours, by avoiding or diluting the truth. We will alert and inform you of what you need to know enabling you to take the most appropriate action.

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About working with FDG Group

Who we are?

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We work across the digital engineering industries with Contractors, Engineers, and Builders to provide assistance in the different stages of projects and developments.

No matter the size of the project, all clients receive a professional consultation prior to construction to help identify all potential problems.

By providing customized and personalized solutions, according to what our client needs, we fulfil any BIM and CAD requirements and go above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

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